2008 Practice Schedule
Last Updated: 8/05/2008

7/16 (Wed)6:30Held
7/22 (Tues)6:30Canceled
7/29 (Tues)6:30Held
8/02 (Sat) 6:30Typo - canceled
8/07 (Thur)6:30Postponed

... schedule will only be updated as needed

Practice Format

All of our practice sessions are informal and intended to give team members a chance to work on their skills. Typically we perform fielding and batting drills, but other ideas are welcomed and will be voted on by those who attend.

All players interested in attending must email Andy Wolan at least 3 hours prior to practice. This is needed so we can have a head count on who is coming.

On the afternoon of practice, everyone is to meet at the Verdasys reception desk (Kelly’s desk) by 6:30 sharp. Practice will be held at the first local field that is available. To keep things in order, we will visit these fields in the following order:

  1. Softball field on Lake St.
  2. Open field on Pine Vale Rd. (Place with basketball court)
  3. etc..
TODO: add map and photos of the above locations

Batting Cages

Below is a list of known batting cages, along with feedback on their quality.

  • Baseball Unlimited (Waltham) - $20/30 min
  • Fenway Golf (East Longmeadow) - $10/7 tokens. Fully automated.
  • Extra Innings (Woburn) - $20/30 min. Manual and automatic.

  • Here is a list of others in the greater Boston area.