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Grimard looks on as O'Connor and A-WOL gun it on a Cornwall grounder. (4th)

Reynolds behind home plate.

Smith and Allen look on as Huynh collects an infield ground ball.

Teague catches the force out at first.

Kim pitching.(5th)

Jerry connects for a single.

Grimard catches the M's defense napping and advances to third on a Buote single.

Grimard catching a fly ball in left field to end the inning.

Teague puts on the breaks to avoid a near collision at first. (6th)

Ryan Huynh after catching a infield pop-up.

A-WOL records the final out of the inning in right field.

A-WOL stands on first after nearly getting erased tripping while running to the bag. (7th)

Eno connects for a single.

A-WOL rounds third to score on an O'Connor single.

The M's left fielder makes a running snag in foul territory.

Jerry and the rest of the team shake hands with the other team after the game. (It just looks bad)
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