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Russian sports photographer Micheal Elimov on the phone with the Kremlin.

American sports photographer Richard Moffitt.

Kim Reynolds makes her pitching debute.

Huynh looks on as Bergstien fields the ball for the force out at second. (2nd)

Aleksey makes a throw to first for the force out. (3rd)

Ajeet connects for an infield double.

Dhar distracts the infield as Ajeet scores through the backdoor.

Colby slams the ball for an infield single.

Elliott jogs home on a Mike O RBI single.

Aleksey takes a break in right field. (4th)

A-WOL with the snag of an infield flair to end the fourth.

Ryan Huynh soaks in some rays between innings. (5th)

Jerry stares down the runner at third after catching an infield pop-fly.

Cornwall beats the runner for the force out at second.

A-WOL scores on a controversial play at home.

Aleksey and a FT team member exchange words following the play. (6th)

The TF runners retreats backs to second as Cornwall catches an infield line drive.

Johnna makes contact for an infield single in the seventh. (7th)

Johnna high-fives Mike O despite getting erased by a Mike O FC.

Nicole is led out by Jessica Katz's dog.
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