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Editor’s Picks:

Jerry wearing a funny-looking hat.

Colby makes quick work of the lead base runner in the 1st.

Kelly Raymond connects for a base hit in the 2nd.

Towering homerun hit into center field by Milestones.

Elliot making a great running catch in the third. (3rd)

Colby and Liz in the infield.

Colby after blocking a mean ground ball.

Steven and Liz make another force out at second.

Elliott nearly doubles-up a base runner after making an outfield catch (4th)

The M's base runner helps an injuried Cornwall after knocking her over sliding into second. (5th)

Mike trips over the bag despite the absence of a defensive player.

Kelly Allen with the running grab in right field.

Kelly Allen with a base hit in the sixth. (6th)

Jerry scores on a Ryan Huynh double in the seventh. (7th)

Colby high-fives Dhar after tumbling and scoring a run in the seventh.

Dharmender walks into the sunset after the game.
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