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Editor’s Picks:

A-WOL with a bloody lip following an accident during practice

Johnna behind home plate in the second. (2nd)

Ron with the shoe-string catch in foul territoy.

Mike OConnor pitching in the fourth. (4th)

Muldoon eyes the ball before hitting a 2-RBI double in the fourth.

Steven Berstein catches a pop-fly at short in the fourth.

Elliott connects for an RBI single in the fifth. (5th)

Alex eyes an infield pop-up.

Kim throws in the ball from the knee after slipping in right field.

Steven throws the ball to Jerry for the first out at first.

Ryan Grimard rounds back to first after hitting a single.(6th)

Naren stares down the runner after fielding the ball in the outfield.

Darrell gives chase to a foul ball near first. (7th)

Ron and Ryan H. look on as Colby makes throw to 1st for game-ending double play.

Team celebrates their first win following the game.

The heavens illuminate as the sun sets on the teams first win of the season.
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